Janie has literally rocked and rolled my world and eating: I feel educated, satisfied, comfortable in my own skin, and most of all I feel extremely grateful for the energy, time and care she puts into this and her passion for it is so evident!! Thank you, Janie! Really, it's priceless. There is no limit on the price we would pay to leave a healthy legacy and inheritance! - Amanda

As a result of personal health coaching and learning how to eat clean with Janie and also consistent chiropractic care, I have been able to stop taking all medications, no longer have chronic heartburn or bloating, have lost 30+ pounds, and have great hope to live the length and quality of life that God intends for me to live! - Ronda

Janie is an advocate for others’ benefit. Her attention to detail with the everyday, ordinary things of life gives her an advantage to being able to see even the seemingly small things in people’s lives that needs healing and restoration. - Daniel A. Brown, PhD

I highly recommend working with Janie. She is an awesome coach and has helped me tremendously! Don’t put it off, do it now. You will not be sorry! I truly appreciate how much she has changed my life. Janie, you are a gift from God! - Brenda

Life was dark, but Janie breathed sunshine back into my life. Her compassion and wisdom, coupled with empowerment and speaking the truth, allowed me to weed out my toxic garden, so to speak, and begin to nurture health back into my life again. I'll be forever grateful. - Happy Client

I have spent my entire life yoyo dieting with temporary success only to regain all my weight back and more. Working with Janie has filled my true desire that has always been underneath my failed diet attempts—and that is to change the way I eat for life. I have learned how to shop and cook different and Janie taught me what my body needs and how to identify that even if something is good for me, it doesn’t mean it is good for my body. I look forward to continuing to heal my body from the inside out. Thank you, Janie, for your time, dedication and knowledge! - Julie

I'm so grateful for Janie and all the work she put in to organize and set me up for success. She made me feel like I could totally take the steps I needed to, even when super busy with two little kids under three years old. I love working with Janie and look forward to living toxin free! - Happy Client

Working with Janie is helping me create margins in my margin-less life. It is creating more peace and rest. Thanks Janie for pushing through with me in the ||hard stuff|| and being relentless for my sake. - Jacquelynn

You were like a breath of fresh air to my intoxicated life. Thank you so much, Janie! - Happy Client

Janie is warm, kind, and compassionate but not afraid to tell the truth. Her wisdom and guidance are invaluable, and her heart to empower others shines through in every meeting. - Happy Client

Janie's coaching brought me to a place of freedom in areas of my life where I was sure I was never going to overcome! - Happy Client

Janie's own background launches her into being an attentive listener, loving encourager, and wise advisor. She gently poses questions that help you figure out answers and the best choices for your life. I truly feel she is a God-send! - Laura

Janie - I could not have gotten to this place without you and your support. So grateful for your faith in me! - Happy Client

Janie helped me see that although the long, dark story of my life was an important part of my journey, the best part of my story is NOW, as I get to use what I have learned to help others find freedom as well! - Happy Client

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Listeria Outbreak

May 4, 2016 If you buy frozen fruits and veggies at stores such as Trader Joe's, Costco, Safeway, Walmart, you want to read the post below and check the list of items being recalled due to Listeria. The list of affected items is up to 358 as now. Reports say that the...

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A Different Kind of Lunch

Lunch doesn't have to be time-consuming or even traditional. This is one of my favorites that I'm eating today: Mary's Gone Crackers Superseed crackers with an avocado and Roma tomato. This is also a meal that you can take on the road with you if you're traveling and...

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African Peanut Stew

Every spoonful of this yumminess explodes in your mouth! It's crazy good African Peanut Stew and part of my clean eating program. Ken likes some shredded chicken in his, but I like mine without. Pair it with a salad and you are good to go! Click here for more...

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Hurried Sickness

Do you suffer from "hurried" sickness? Most of my life I tended to ignore needing to rest. I can recall being so exhausted, yet I just kept going. There were always projects to do, places to go, people to see. I even remember as a little girl hating to take naps...

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Oven-Baked Chicken Nuggets

Do you or your kids enjoy chicken nuggets, but want an alternative to store bought? Here's an easy, clean, and yummy recipe that you'll enjoy! Double or triple the recipe and freeze nuggets in BPA-free freezer storage bags for leftovers. (Ziplock and generic Target...

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Batch Cooking

One of the health coach services I love to offer is batch cooking clean eating meals for clients! Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts...whatever you need. We even pre-load and freeze smoothie bags with all the ingredients to make those morning routines...

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Great Sources of Protein

When you think of adding healthy protein to your diet, it's easy just to think about a lean piece of meat or a scoop of a clean protein powder, but here are some great alternatives you may not have thought of. Remember to go organic whenever possible to maximize the...

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Almond Milk

Here is an easy clean recipe for Almond Milk. If you prefer, when making smoothies, you can forego the straining of the almonds. SERVINGS: 4 One cup organic raw almonds, soaked for 8 hours (discard the water) 4 cups water Raw local honey, to taste (optional) BLEND THE...

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Hi, I'm Janie! I count it a privilege to awake each day with the opportunity to help people like you turn your desires for living a healthier life into reality. My mission is to inspire and help you make a difference in your life. I love eating clean organic foods, having freedom in my life from sugar, living from the heart, experiencing life with less stress, and inspiring others to do the same. As a wellness educator and certified health coach, I follow the Functional Nutrition Model and believe your optimal health is one of the most precious gifts you can give to a person you love. ♥