Meet Janie

Janie knew at a young age that she loved helping people. Her adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit has led her to do many things in life, but she found her true calling as a health and life coach. 

After being diagnosed with an “incurable” chronic illness in 2007, Janie began a journey to find healing through eating healthier, exercising sensibly, using natural remedies, and finding ways to live with minimal stress in her life. (Read more of her story here.) It was through all she learned about how to live that kind of life that she first decided to get trained as a Life Coach at Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and then eventually returned to school to become certified as Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Today, Janie enjoys working with people who want to eat cleaner and more nutrient-dense foods, work on their relationships, find ways to reduce their stress, and/or create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. She believes that optimal health is a precious gift to give another person you love!

In the autumn of 2013, Janie and her husband, Ken—a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor—lived out their 30+ year dream when they sold or donated their possessions and moved from Los Angeles to Europe for nine months, traveling throughout five different countries to speak and bring hope and change to those they met along their journey. 

Janie loves being married to her best friend; spending time with their sweet grandkids and extended family and friends; going to Disneyland; listening to classical music; taking photos (she took over 8400 pictures in Europe!); enjoying long drives in the countryside to see what she can see; shopping for, cooking and eating wholesome food; and traveling to local and faraway lands.

Thanks to technology today, Janie is able to help people around the globe.