Strategy Sessions

Do you feel inspired to eat clean, but don’t know where to start? Are there questions you have about how to eat healthier, nutrient-dense foods? Have you wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle? When you look at your pantry and/or your fridge and freezer, do you wonder which foods fuel you and which could be inflaming you? Would you like to cook in bulk, but don’t know how to do so?
My strategy sessions are 45 minutes long and you can use the time any way you’d like! Create an action plan for clean eating, ask questions you have on how to have a healthier and less stress-filled lifestyle, or even do a virtual pantry or fridge/freezer makeover or talk about delicious recipes. You’ll walk away with resources and tips, plus referrals as needed.
And the great thing is, if you decide to enroll in health coaching with me after our appointment together, the cost of your strategy session will be applied towards your balance!

Strategy session

One 45-minute session
BUY NOW: $129.00