Janie has literally rocked and rolled my world and eating: I feel educated, satisfied, comfortable in my own skin, and most of all I feel extremely grateful for the energy, time and care she puts into this and her passion for it is so evident!! Thank you, Janie! Really, it’s priceless. There is no limit on the price we would pay to leave a healthy legacy and inheritance!


  • You’ve have an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness
  • You struggle with exhaustion and feel overwhelmed
  • You are bloated, gassy or experience heartburn
  • You need sugar or caffeine to get you through the day
  • You have environmental and/or food allergies
  • You need  healthier boundaries and margins in your life
  • You use food to help soothe yourself

  • You have a hard time saying no to people
  • You’re usually in last place on your priority list
  • You have hormonal imbalances or issues
  • You have yo-yoed with weight gain/weight loss
  • You crave certain foods and don’t know how to curb the cravings
  • You are addicted to busyness
  • You desire to change, but don’t know how to do so

The list above was MY life for so long. It may describe your life, too.

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed in 2007 with an incurable chronic illness that I finally decided I that I needed to do whatever it took to have a do-over in my life. I began the journey to find health and wholeness in my life by using real whole foods, exercising sensibly, and greatly reducing stress. (Read more about my journey below.) Eight years later, I no longer live with that incurable chronic illness and today, my mission is to inspire and help you to make a lifelong difference in the health and wellness of your life so that you can share with others what you’ve discovered and help bring change to them, too.

Read more about my story here.

What You Can Expect Working Together

Wouldn’t it be great to know how your body was made to function? When we work together, we look at every area of your life, since your well-being has everything to do with your body, mind, and soul. We’ll discover together could be directly and indirectly affecting your relationship with food. I’ll be there with you to keep you motivated, clear, and focused.

I am here to educate you and empower you.

I’ll show you how to discover your trigger foods and cleaning up your gut by using real, whole food you buy from the local market. Together, we’ll look at the things in your life that may be  keeping you repeating unhealthy patterns and you’ll receive the help and guidance you’re looking for to break those cycles.

You’ll be invited to join my private Facebook group where you can meet others who are on the same journey to a healthier life AND you’ll get a boatload of tools, tips, resources, and inspiration from me to help you along the way!

And I promise you there will be no sales pitches for pills, powders, bars, shakes, or pre-packaged meals—or counting calories, points, or carbs.

I highly recommend working with Janie. She is an awesome coach and has helped me tremendously! Don’t put it off, do it now. You will not be sorry! I truly appreciate how much she has changed my life. Janie, you are a gift from God!


Are you ready? Here are your options…

I want to teach you everything I’ve learned over the years about living a healthier life. I know what it takes to achieving a life filled with more energy, clarity, and confidence. And I am committed to helping you succeed.

My health coaching offers you a roadmap combined with the help and guidance you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards a healthier lifestyle or you want to refine or redefine your current routine, coaching sessions with me are a great way to empower you to meet your goals. No quick fixes that bring instant gratification ever bring lasting, heartfelt change in your life, so I’ll show you the way to achieve sustainable change that can help you transform your life.

If you want to focus on your well-being and feel more confident in your body, join me for coaching!

Health Coaching Options

  • For the single session option:
    • One 45-minute session
    • Session handouts, resources, tips, and yummy recipes
  • For the three-session option:
    • Three 45-minute sessions
    • Unlimited email support between sessions
    • Access to my private Facebook health coaching group while coaching
    • Session handouts, resources, tips, and yummy recipes
  • For the six- and twelve-session options:
    • Six or twelve 45-minute sessions
    • Unlimited email support between sessions
    • Access to my private Facebook health coaching group for one year
    • Session handouts, resources, tips, and yummy recipes
    • BONUS! Free registration for my delicious seasonal Clean Eating Reboot
    • BONUS! The 6- and 12-session options include an extra session! (See pricing column.)

Strategy Sessions

Do you feel inspired to eat clean, but don’t know where to start? Are there questions you have about how to eat healthier, nutrient-dense foods? Have you wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle? When you look at your pantry and/or your fridge and freezer, do you wonder which foods fuel you and which could be inflaming you? Would you like to cook in bulk, but don’t know how to do so?
My strategy sessions are 45 minutes long and you can use the time any way you’d like! Create an action plan for clean eating, ask questions you have on how to have a healthier and less stress-filled lifestyle, or even do a virtual pantry or fridge/freezer makeover or talk about delicious recipes. You’ll walk away with resources and tips, plus referrals as needed.
And the great thing is, if you decide to enroll in health coaching with me after our appointment together, the cost of your strategy session will be applied towards your balance!

Single coaching sessions:

1 45-minute session
BUY NOW: $129.00

Buy in bulk and save 20%!

3 coaching sessions

Three 45-minute sessions
BUY NOW: $309.60 (1 payment)


6 coaching sessions

Six 45-minute sessions
BUY NOW: $619.20 (1 payment)
BUY NOW: $215.00 (3 monthly payments)
BONUS: Receive an extra 30-minute session + free registration for my Clean Eating Reboot! 


12 coaching sessions

Twelve 45-minute sessions
BUY NOW: $1238.40 (1 payment)
BUY NOW: $210.00 (6 monthly payments)
BONUS: Receive an extra 60-minute session + free registration for my Clean Eating Reboot! 


Strategy session

One 45-minute session
BUY NOW: $129.00 

I’ve wrestled with health issues the majority of my life since middle school, particularly with my weight. In my adult life, not only had the weight continued to be an obstacle, but I also muddled through several issues with my gut (chronic heartburn, daily bloating, occasional stomach pain, etc). I took a daily heartburn medication and a daily allergy medication for 20 years. I’ve walked in degrees of freedom off and on throughout my life, but was never able to sustain good health habits.

My journey to health and wholeness took a turn in the summer of 2015 when I ended up in the Emergency Room because of an infection in my gut. After talking to my longtime, dear friend Janie, I began to walk in wholehearted obedience to what God was saying in the area of health and fitness. My husband and I started with a 6-week clean eating detox (part of which was during our summer vacation!) that Janie put together for me in order to eliminate all of the prospective issues. Until that time, I had no idea how much everything we eat effects our bodies! I felt incredible during the detox – no bloating, no stomach upset, and little to no heartburn (likely due to a hiatal hernia and my lack of a gall bladder). It was a whole new world!

Coming out of the detox as Janie had me reintroduce certain foods, I quickly discovered the primary culprits of my on-going battle – gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, red onion – who knew?? My husband and I immediately adjusted our eating habits and determined something that neither of us had ever lived by before when it came to food: no exceptions! It was a new day and a new way for us both. And, we love food, so it’s been the biggest blessing to discover we didn’t have to sacrifice great tasting food with clean eating. In fact, eating clean has enhanced our taste buds and food just tastes better now!

Since that time, as a result of eating clean, continued health coaching, and consistent chiropractic care, I have been able to stop taking all medications, no longer have chronic heartburn or bloating, have lost 30+ pounds, and have great hope to live the length and quality of life that God intends for me to live!”


What Else I Offer